All Day Kindergarten Program

Welcome to All Day Kindergarten! We're so excited to have your student with the Boise School District.

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All children enrolling in kindergarten must be five years old on or before September 1st of the school year in which the child enrolls.

Current Elementary Schools offering All Day Kindergarten:
Adams (208) 854-4190 1725 E Warm Springs Ave  83712
Amity (208) 854-4220 10000 W. Amity Rd 83709
Grace Jordan (208) 854-5580 6411 W Fairfield Ave 83709
Hidden Springs (208) 854-4920 5480 W Hidden Springs Dr 83714
Highlands (208) 854-5050 3434 N Bogus Basin Rd 83702
Jefferson (208) 854-5260 200 S Latah St 83705
Koelsch (208) 854-5300 2015 N Curtis Rd 83706
Liberty (208) 854-5410 1740 S Bergeson St 83706
Longfellow (208) 854-5450 *1511 N 9th St. 83702
Lowell (208) 854-5480 1507 N 28th St. 83703
Maple Grove (208) 854-5540 2800 S Maple Grove 83709
Mountain View (208) 854-5700 3500 N Cabarton Ln 83704
Pierce Park (208) 854-5880 5015 N Pierce Park Ln 83703
Roosevelt (208) 854-6030 908 E Jefferson St 83712
Shadow Hills (208) 854-6060 8301 W Sloan St 83714
Taft (208) 854-6180 3722 N Anderson St 83703
Trail Wind (208) 854-6320 3701 E Lake Forest Dr 83716
Valley View (208) 854-6370 3555 N Milwaukee St 83704
Washington (208) 854-6420 1607 N 15th St 83702
White Pine (208) 854-6530 401 E Linden St 83706
*Longfellow is located at Ft. Boise for the 21-22 school year due to construction of their new building.

Interested in attending?  Here's what you need to know.
See the following link for information on how to enroll your child.  You'll find links to the application as well as information on Open Enrollment.
(In addition to the All Day Application, you'll need to complete an Open Enrollment application if you want to attend a school other than your neighborhood school).
How do I enroll?

Full Day Kindergarten Application

All Day Kindergarten paid through MySchoolBucks
Annual Tuition for all day kindergarten in the Boise School District is $2,500 to be paid in nine equal installments of $250.00 per month from September-May.  You can find a copy of your invoice on or with the MySchoolBucks mobile app.
Click here to see how to set up your account.

Please note: Per Idaho Code, the State of Idaho only funds for 2.5 hours of kindergarten instruction per day.  In order to provide all day kindergarten, school districts in Idaho must find another funding source to provide all day kindergarten.

Do I qualify for Free or Reduced Tuition?
Complete this Sliding Scale Application for Full Day Kindergarten and turn it in at your child's school.
Income Guidelines
Qualifying for the sliding scale is based on federal poverty guidelines.

Can I claim a Federal Child Care Credit? 

If you need assistance with your MySchoolBucks account, you can find helpful how-to videos and answers to commonly asked questions by visiting
You can log into your MySchoolBucks account to start a chat conversation or give them a call at (855) 832-5226.
If you need help with your invoice (splitting it between parents, etc.) call Shawna Smith with the Boise School District (208) 854-4094 or email

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