Goal 1: Quality Teaching and Learning


Goal 1: We deliver an exceptional aligned K-12 curriculum, which prepares students for success in the work environment, college and university studies, and citizenship in the 21st century.

Strategy 1: Update, enhance and communicate district curriculum across all content and courses

Strategy 2: Review alternative educational offerings in the District

Strategy 3:  Review educational offerings for Career Technical Education/Continue to implement and improve Career Technical Education Pathways for all students

Strategy 4: Continually explore new programs and expand the array of the accelerated and Advanced Placement courses and actively recruit students from all backgrounds.

Strategy 5: Continually improve the quality and accountability of instruction in the Boise School District

Strategy 6: Continue to provide information for students to improve their opportunities to attend post-secondary education.

Strategy 7: Explore the digital tools that will increase student engagement and prepare students to be competitive in a technology-dependent global community.