Secondary Math


Shelly Wray, Supervisor

Program Description

Mathematics curriculum is a K-12 content responsibility. It is comprised of five key domains:

  • Number and Operation

  • Concepts and Principles of Measurement

  • Concepts and Language of Algebra and Functions

  • Concepts and Principles of Geometry

  • Data Analysis, Probability and Statistics

These areas spiral throughout the elementary curriculum and comprise the standard curriculum for the secondary course of study. Mathematics is a major area of the state achievement standards.

Special Responsibilities

  • Math Professional Development

  • Curriculum Development

  • EOC Exam Development

  • Screening Interviews

  • Textbook Inventory

  • Math Textbook Adoption

5th to 6th Grade Parent Informational Power Point K-12 Focus Calendar


Secondary Math Sequence

Secondary Math Sequence Expanded

Acc Math 7

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Integrated I - Algebra

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