Secondary English and Language Arts

English/Language Arts

Dr. RT Duke, Supervisor

Program Description

English/Language Arts includes knowledge of the language itself, its use as a basic means of communication, and appreciation of its artistry as expressed in literature. English/Language Arts study develops fundamental communication skills and prepares students to understand and use information and to communicate fluently and effectively using the written and spoken word.

English/Language Arts instruction includes drama, English, journalism, penmanship, reading, speech, and spelling.

Secondary English and Language Arts Courses

Special programs

  • February - Young Writer's Conference

  • March - Boise School District 6th Grade Direct Writing Assessment*

  • Fall/Spring - Elementary Writing Without Walls

  • Spring - Junior High Writing Without Walls

  • Spring - District Spelling Bees

  • Spring - Valley Visions, the high school literary and art magazine

  • Fall/Winter/Spring Idaho Reading Indicator, CBM Fluency Measure, and Star Reading

Other Responsibilities

  • Curriculum writing

  • Textbook adoption

  • Performance Task writing

  • Budgeting

Educational Services

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Supervisor: Becca Anderson