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A Message from Our Superintendent

Welcome to the Boise School District! You may know that the City of Boise was named the 2nd most livable small city in the United States by Forbes Magazine in 2012 and one of the top ten best places to live in the U.S. by U.S. News & world Report in 2016. When Forbes ranked the top one hundred cities by subcategory, Boise ranked #1 in one area – education. We’re here to provide an excellent education for our students, and to prepare each and every student for college, career, and citizenship.

We are a district of approximately 26,000 students and employ 4,300 people, of whom 1,700 are certified staff. In the district, there are 33 elementary schools, 8 junior high schools, and 5 senior high schools. We offer a variety of specialized programs, including Montessori, Dual Language, Classical, InternationalFull-day and Highly Gifted programs at elementary, to the Treasure Valley Math and Science Center, Dennis Technical Center, and the state’s preeminent Advanced Placement program at the secondary level. 

In the Boise School District, you will find:

  • commitment to college and career readiness

  • preparation for an increasingly global society, through the development of creativity and thinking skills with an emphasis on the integration of technology

  • a safe and secure learning environment

  • caring and compassionate staff committed to providing the best education for each and every child;

  • opportunities for meaningful parental involvement;

  • dedication to our core values of respect, dignity, honesty, responsibility, and teamwork;

Here are just a few of the programs you’ll see in Boise’s schools:

  • Nationally ranked high schools – All four of Boise’s comprehensive high schools, Boise, Borah, Capital and Timberline have been ranked among the top 11% in the country by The Washington Post for the past nine years for providing rigor through Advanced Placement coursework.

  • An Advanced Placement program with at least 25 AP offerings in each comprehensive high school. Boise students took 29% of the statewide Advanced Placement exams in 2016, and scored well above the national and state averages, earning thousands of credit waivers and college credits at universities across the country.

  • Commitment to the arts, including band, orchestra, and choir programs beginning in elementary grades. In 2011, The National Association of Music Manufacturers recognized Boise as one of the top U.S. communities for music education. The district’s outstanding art program offers coursework including ceramics, painting and drawing.

  • The AVID Program, a college-preparatory program for junior and senior high school students who are performing in the academic middle. From its inception with 85 students at Fairmont Junior High School in 2006-07 to a current status of 1,282 students in grades 7-12 across the District, AVID is now in place at each one of Boise's 8 junior high schools and 5 senior high schools.   College-going rates for AVID graduates (2011-16) show 77% direct to college enrollment, compared to 60% for the District and 52% for the state of Idaho.  

  • International Program emphasis at Longfellow Elementary School, with the study of world cultures and exposure to the Spanish language;

  • Liberty Elementary School Montessori Program where students become actively involved in the education process through hands-on experimentation and discovery;

Boise School District students continue to outperform the state of Idaho on standardized achievement tests in every subject. The percentage of students reading at grade level on the Idaho Reading Indicator and scoring proficient on the Idaho Standards Achievement Test continue to surpass Idaho results. 

Our students outperform Idaho and the nation on standardized tests, college entrance exams and Advanced Placement testing. Our college-going rate continues to increase (topping 60% in 2016), and we have more students majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math than in any other area. 

Boise District has for years been the leader in the statewide awards to students selected as Finalists in the National Merit® Scholarship Program. In the fall of 2016 it was announced that half of Idaho's total number of 2017 National Merit Semifinalists (95) were from the Boise School District (47). Boise District enrolls about 9% of the total number of public school students in the state of Idaho.  In February of 2017 it was announced that 45 Boise District students were selected as National Merit Finalists.

Each school year, our students regularly receive millions of dollars in annual academic scholarships and take home award after award in local, state and national competitions. Our staff members are equally impressive. They regularly receive local, state and national recognition and are some of the most experienced and educationally advanced staff members in Idaho.

I invite you to explore this website for complete details about all of our program offerings, test scores and individual schools. Please feel free to contact one of our schools for a personal tour. Our staff members are here to help you and help your student succeed!

We know you want the very best for your child, and we think you’ll find it in the Boise School District, where we are committed to Educating Today for a Better Tomorrow.

Dr. Don Coberly
Superintendent of Schools
Boise School District

Dr. Coberly