Requirements for New to Profession


The Boise School District is committed to providing a seamless layer of support for its beginning teachers. The induction program is a comprehensive year long training and support program for new teachers that includes a mentor component, an orientation, induction activities, and targeted training.

New to Profession (NP) Induction Requirements

The New to Profession Induction Program is designed to provide all NP teachers to the District with a clear and comprehensive introduction to the instructional skill set that is the core of our District’s vision for excellence in teaching as guided by the Strategic Plan. This program exposes new teaching staff to the District’s expectations and culture concerning classroom instruction and resources.

The New to Profession Induction Program is a required component for all New to Profession staff and must be completed in the first year of employment with the District. It is comprised of components with both orientation and skills based features. The program is organizationally based around the Frameworks for Teaching model (Charlotte Danielson) and draws upon a wide body of research in instructional theory and best practices.

This support takes the form of: 1.) continuous support to beginning teachers through one-on-one Peer Assistance at the District level 2.) one-on-one mentor support at the school level 3.) extensive assistance through District monthly induction seminars and staff development. The Boise School District selects veteran teachers to serve as Peer Assistants and provides them with comprehensive training. Peer Assistants serve as coaches and support new teachers by assisting in their professional growth through reflective practice, modeling, and classroom observations.


  • NP teachers are enrolled in a 3 credit New to Profession Induction Seminar that meets before the school year begins and then on a monthly basis throughout the first year of employment with the District

  • Regularly scheduled individual meetings with the assigned Peer Assistant

  • Data-based observations performed by the assigned Peer Assistant

  • Regularly scheduled meetings with the assigned in-building Mentor

  • Together New to Profession teachers and mentors will perform two full days of classroom observations of other experienced District teachers

Refer to the Welcome Email from Human Resources Certified Staff for your designation as New to Profession or New to District or contact Peer Assistance program facilitator or