Requirements for New to District

Requirements for New to District Teachers

New to District (experienced) Teachers (ND): ND teachers participate in the Induction Seminar that meets before the school year begins and twice during their first year of employment. All of the requirements of your induction will be covered during the August orientation meetings. At that time you will be assigned a Peer Assistant, who will help guide you through this process.

New to District (ND) Induction Requirements

The Professional Development Core (PDC) is designed to provide all teachers new to the District with a clear and comprehensive introduction to the instructional skill set that is the core of our District’s vision for excellence in teaching as guided by the Strategic Plan. This program exposes new teaching staff to the District’s expectations and culture concerning classroom instruction and resources. The Professional Development Core is a required component for all new staff and must be completed in the first two years of employment with the District. The program is organizationally based around the Frameworks For Teaching model (Charlotte Danielson) and draws upon a wide body of research in instructional theory and best practices. New hires can complete the Professional Development Core (PDC) by either completing a series of coursework (described below) or by demonstration of proficiency to your building principal.


The PDC consists of the following components:

  • 3 Induction Seminars for New Employees - Once before school starts and twice during the first year of employment

  • Planning for Learning: Applying the High Yield Strategies - 1 credit

  • Effective Classroom Management: It's No Secret - 1 credit

The District covers the cost of all materials for the core classes. (ND will be responsible for paying for the credit if  they choose to take the course for credit. B7 Inservice credit is offered at no cost to the ND teacher.

Completion of Core Requirements through Demonstration of Proficiency

For those ND teachers with prior experience who feel they have mastered the core instructional areas, an alternative to participation in the classes is available. With the approval of the building principal, a teacher can demonstrate their proficiency in the designated areas. During a teacher's observations and evaluation visits, performance of these skills may be used to fulfill the course requirements. For the management, planning, and instruction components the principal is authorized to evaluate whether an employee possesses the skill necessary to demonstrate proficiency. Proficiency Form for Experienced Teachers

The proficiency form should be sent to the Peer Assistants at Fort Boise, who will keep records of completion of these components.

Waiver for Equivalent Advanced Study

Those teachers who have completed graduate advanced or degree track courses whose curriculum replicates a PDC component, may request a waiver of the PDC class or proficiency requirement for that component. Waiver eligibility will be reviewed by the Peer Assistant Program Facilitator and based on the similarity of course in question. A form must be submitted with documentation or description of the course curriculum. To determine the course content match you may consult with a Peer Assistant or class syllabus. Waiver for Advanced Study

Professional Development Core Extension Request

Teachers may request a one year extension to complete the Professional Development Core requirements. A completed form must be filled out and signed by the teacher and building administrator prior to the conclusion of the school year (second year). Extension Request Form

Refer to the Welcome Email from Human Resources Certified Staff for your designation as New to Profession or New to District or contact one of the Peer Assistants: or