2018-2019 News Releases

Training & Excercise Advisory Borah High School 7/5/2018

Fall Community Education Now Enrolling 8/19/2018

Boise School District Trustee Election on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 8/21/2018

Boise School District Students Represent 37% of Idaho's National Merit Semifinalists 9/13/2018

Public Process Announced to Fill Current Vacancy on Board of Trustees 9/13/2018

Nearly 40% of Idaho's National Merit Semifinalists from Boise School District 9/19/2019 Update

Teacher Cop Swap: What Happens When Teachers Trade Places With Police for the Day? 9/25/2018 Media Advisory
iTimberline High School Announces Co-Head Coaching Appointments 10/11/2018      
Boise School District Celebrates Its AP Capstone Diploma Recipients 10/11/2018      
Lead Detected at One Boise School:  District to Proactively Test at 26 Other Schools 10/17/2018      
Lead Testing Nearly Completed at Boise Schools 10/30/2018      
Lead Testing Completed at Boise Schools 11/28/2018      
Boise School Board Votes Unanimously to Approve Appointment of Coby Dennis as Superintendent 12/13/2018      
 Boise Schools Launch Everthing's Possible Movement 1/14/2019      
CO2 Speeder Championship 2/22/2019       
Whittier Dedication Ceremony 2/21/2019 Media Advisory      
National School Breakfast Week 3/1/2019 Media Advisory      
Boise High School 2019 Brave Together: Finding Common Ground Summit 3/11/2019 Media Advisory