Paying for College: Scholarships/Financial Aid

Financial Aid:

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) opens every year on October 1 for students planning on attending college the following fall.  The first step to apply for FAFSA is to get BOTH a student and parent FSA ID number.  The FSA ID box is at the top of the FAFSA website.  Once you have created a student and parent FSA ID, you can apply for FAFSA. 
Link here to - Federal government application for financial aid. - A tool that estimates your eligibility for federal aid. A resource center for learning about and acquiring all types of aid. Financial aid for highly selective colleges- check with your schools of interest before applying.

Scholarship Searches: Login to your Naviance account from anywhere for in-depth college searches. Funding for 1st generation and underrepresented college students. Idaho opportunities through the State Board. Click on "receive" and "scholarships" to access 70 Idaho opportunities. Search from over 2,200 programs. Search over 5,000 resources. Access over 5 million scholarships.