4000 Community Relations

4000       Goals

Communications with the Public

4110       Informing the Public and Parents/ Guardians

7130       Notice of Budget Hearing

7433       Annual Financial Report

4120       News Media Relations

3540       Media Interviews with Students

4122       Emergency Spokespersons

Public Participation

4210       Parent Involvement

Title I Parental Involvement

4211       Parent/ Community Member Organizations

4220       Boise School Volunteers

4222       Use of Private Automobiles for Trips

4240       Boise Public Schools Education Foundation, Inc.

4250       Community Education

2552       Speakers in the Classroom

2552P     Speakers in the Classroom Procedure

4270       Public Input

4271       Public Complaints

2510       Selection of Instructional and Library Materials

2511       Non-supplemental Materials in Selection and Adoption

2512       Request for Reconsideration of Books or Other Materials

2512P    Request for Reconsideration of Books or Other Materials Procedure

2513       Internet Filtering

2514       Request for Reconsideration of a Website

1440       Open Meeting Law

1470       Board Agenda Items

1441       Audience Participation at Regular Board Meetings

1281       Board Superintendent Committees

Public Access

4310       Projects and Solicitations

4312       Political Campaigns

8410       In-District School Mail

3222       Distribution of Materials

3520       Student Money Raising Activities

3530       Participation in Contests

3531       Public Performance by Students

4320       Use of District Property

4321       Religious Organization Use of Facilities

4322       Use of Kitchen Facilities

4322P    Use of Kitchen Facilities Procedure

4323       Vehicles and Horses Banned from School Property

4330       Access to Public Records

4340       Website Accessibility

Public Conduct for Safe Schools

3310       Safe and Secure Learning/ Work Environment

3311       Visitor Identification

3312       Releasing Students to Authorized Individuals

5231       Employee or Public Use of Drugs or Alcohol

5232      Smoking and/or Tobacco Use on District Property

5233       Employee or Public Use of Weapons

5234       Disruptive Employee or Public Conduct

3231       Bullying, Hazing and Harassment

3232       Sexual Harassment

3237       Assault and/or Battery

3238       Abuse of District Property

3242       Copying Materials

3270       Reasonable Physical Force

3313       Security Imaging System

3313P    Security Imaging System Procedure

2190       Freedom of Belief

4500       Relations with Governmental Agencies and Other Schools

4510       School Resource Officers