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Art Parent Responsibilities & Goals

Art Parent Responsibilities

Meet with the classroom teacher and set up a regular classroom schedule. Coordinate curriculum with the teacher if he/she wishes to integrate an interdisciplinary “link” to another subject.
Show up at the scheduled art class time. If you cannot make it, please notify the teacher so they can be prepared for the extra classroom time.
Mount and label student artwork and help set up art displays in the classroom and in the halls. Assist in preparing artwork for contests and for exhibit outside of your school building in public places.

Art Parent Program Goals

To enrich children’s education in the visual arts through a Discipline-Based Art Education (DBAE)
To provide a program that allows for parent/teacher participation in a learning environment
To promote greater awareness of the importance of art in our educational system as one of the multiple “intelligences” of learning styles
To increase awareness of the values in Discipline-Based Art Education and teach to the National and State adopted standards to promote quality learning in the arts
To improve students’ self-esteem and self-awareness by allowing them to express themselves in a non-competitive medium

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